Dynamo DC Motor Trainer, Eddy Brake DC Motor Trainer, DC Motor Trainer Dynamo / Eddy Brake, Thane, India  
Dynamo DC Motor Trainer, Eddy Brake DC Motor Trainer, DC Motor Trainer Dynamo / Eddy Brake, Thane, India

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" MOTCO " make DC Motor Trainer available in two combinations consisting of 
1) DC Motor Dynamometer trainer & 2) DC Motor Eddy brake trainer.

The Dynamometer -Performance Testing - Performance of a DC Motor - Performance of a DC series Motor - Load Characteristics of a DC Compound Motor - Performance of a three phase 4 Pole induction Motor - Performance of a single phase Capacitor Motor

"Motco" make DC Motor Trainer set. 

A) Machine Assembly.
Assembly of the test machine mounted on a common base frame and coupled together with easily detachable coupling.
The whole assembly is housed in the machine compartment of the workbench.
The assembly consist of the following:
i) DC Shunt motor
ii) Eddy current brake
 Benchtop console- Constructed with powder coated MS.

B) Plug in units - 
A series of plug in which is to be housed in the bench top console.
Experimental test circuits can be achieved by patching together the desired terminals of these plug-in.
This series consists of following:
AC/DC Power supply.
Each terminated at safety terminals.
Control MCB 10A and indicating light.
DC motor panel
Terminal panel for DC motors.
Ammeter & voltmeter panel, Field Regulator, DC Starter (manual resistance)
DC Thyristor variable speed controller with AVF & TGF
Tachogenerator panel
Brake control unit

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