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Inverters ( Electronic Generators ) 

" MOTCO " make POWERLIT / MINILIT Invertors (Electronic Generators) are application oriented Invertors, for conventional Tube lights, Fans etc., and are suitable for Homes, Shops, Offices etc., 
The POWERLIT Electronic Generators are totally noiseless & smokeless, and functions with externally connected Battery source.

Under normal Mains condition, the generator would extend the incoming Mains fails, instantly and automatically the Generator gets activated and generates 230V, 50 c/s AC at its output, thus maintaining the supply to the loads. Likewise, when Mains reappears the system instantly and automatically reverts and extends Mains to its output while simultaneously recharging the Batteries back to full charge state.

1) Totally Automatic & Instantaneous.
2) Compact, elegant & Lightweight.
3) Smokeless, Noiseless & Eco-friendly.
4) Excellent CV-CC Battery charger for quick charging.
5) State of the art MOSFET Inverter.
6) Totally safe and Reliable for domestic usage.
7) Protection against short circuit.
8) Auto cut-off to prevent deep discharge of Battery
9) Most economical at ROCK BOTTOM PRICE.

Continuous (4hrs backup) 200AH battery
Suggested Load :-Computer, Fridge, Tubelight, Fan, TV.

APS 500 is a Automatic Power System which can give a backup of 4 hours for the general equipments in your house, like Computer, TV, Fridge, Tubelight & Fan.

EPS- Emergency Power Supply

Technical Specifications
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